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Juanita Wills is no-nonsense, tough-minded and a tad nosy, a truly “scrappy” librarian. But she’s also fun-loving, kind, and loyal, and in BIG BOOK BETRAYAL, the fourth novel in the series, she puts her considerable determination into trying to save a friend from her own worst tendencies. At a glance, Clarissa Davenport seems to have it all:  She’s wealthy, a leader in the community—including being president of the Friends of the Wyndham Library, a post that especially endears her to Juanita—and a daughter and grandson she adores. But Juanita gradually comes to realize that things are not as they seem in Clarissa’s world; she’s putting everything important to her at risk by abusing alcohol.  In fact, Clarissa’s daughter is threatening to cut off contact with her if Clarissa doesn’t get help.

Although Juanita has little experience with addictions (except maybe a tiny addiction to food?), she sets out to help her friend find a path to recovery. Clarissa reluctantly attends one meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous with Juanita, but quickly decides it isn’t for her. Juanita is convinced, however, that the group and its literature—including the volume of precepts and anecdotes that members of AA call “the Big Book”—could help her friend if Clarissa will give it a chance. Juanita attends Al-Anon, AA’s auxiliary group for friends and family of alcoholics, and seeks advice from its members. Finally, the downward spiral of Clarissa’s life convinces her to return to AA with Juanita.

But not everyone in the group is equally supportive of Clarissa’s efforts to deal with her alcoholism; in fact, one person may be trying to frame her for murder. It’s up to Juanita, her friend Wayne Cleary of the Wyndham Police, and Wayne’s lovely new assistant to see that justice is done. Feuding assistant librarians Mavis and Meador don’t help; they’re too busy with a new skirmish in their long-running Quote War, as they continue to snipe at each other through pointed quotations that they post on a library wall.

Juanita’s not giving up, of course. Even when her own life seems in danger, the “scrappy librarian” is on the case!

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