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Solving murders isn’t typically part of the job description for a librarian, but the Scrappy Librarian (aka Juanita Wills, head librarian at the public library in Wyndham, OK) isn’t typical.

Intrepid, slightly nosy Juanita solves cases that threaten the peace in her small town in a series of novels by Oklahoma author Marion Moore Hill called the Scrappy Librarian Mysteries.

In the fourth and most recent title, BIG BOOK BETRAYAL, Juanita finds herself immersed in the world of 12-step groups when she tries to help a friend, Clarissa Davenport, who is a community leader, the president of Friends of the Wyndham library, and an alcoholic.

At first, Juanita finds the people she meets both in Alcoholics Anonymous and in Al-Anon, AA's auxiliary group for families and friends of alcoholics, supportive and helpful.

But when one AA member seems to be trying to undermine Clarissa's sobriety, perhaps even to frame her for murder, Juanita leaps into action.

Earlier titles in the librarian series are BOOKMARKED FOR MURDER, DEATH BOOKS A RETURN, and COOK THE BOOKS.  Crispin Books is the original publisher of COOK and BETRAYAL, and also reissued the first two novels.

The author will discuss her librarian series and another series she writes, the Deadly Past Mysteries, when she speaks at _________________ on _______________ at ______a.m. [or p.m.]

In Hill’s Deadly Past series, a young history buff from Dallas solves current-day mysteries that involve events from the lives of prominent figures from the American Revolutionary Era.

DEADLY WILL concerns an unusual will based on the actual legacy Benjamin Franklin left to the cities of Boston and Philadelphia, as well as the murders of several heirs to a copycat bequest. In DEADLY DESIGN, protagonist Millie Kirchner assists archaeologists one summer at Poplar Forest, Thomas Jefferson’s retreat home near Lynchburg, VA, and while there, solves a mystery about an old house that may have been designed by the third President.

Hill's talk is free to the public and will be informal, with the audience encouraged to ask questions.  Copies of all her novels will be for sale after the ______________________ talk.

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