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DEATH BOOKS A RETURN is the second in the Scrappy Librarian Series that began with BOOKMARKED FOR MURDER. 


In DEATH BOOKS A RETURN, scrappy Oklahoma librarian Juanita Wills is researching a history of her small town, Wyndham, when she comes across a 50-year-old unsolved murder. The victim was a black teenager from the nearby all-black town of Bryson's Corner, and his body was found on the track at Wyndham High School. Since Wyndham was at that time an all-white town, and since the teen was killed in a brutal way, the death has obvious racist overtones. Frustrated and angry that such an awful event could have happened in the town she loves--and that the killer or killers never stood trial--Juanita delves into the old murder. But someone doesn't want the secret to come out and will kill again to prevent that.

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DEATH BOOKS A RETURN is an engaging, sharply drawn story with superb emotional depth and a gutsy heroine who is intelligent, endearing, and a librarian to boot. One terrific cozy. Marion Hill is a writer to watch."

Julia Spencer-Fleming, Edgar finalist
and author of I Shall Not Want

"Hill's latest mystery is graced by a spunky, intelligent heroine, sensitive handling of small town politics, and a vivid but spare writing style. A great read."

Sarah Wisseman, author of The Dead Sea Codex

"DEATH BOOKS A RETURN, a new look at an old, unsolved hate-crime turns a town into turmoil and dramatically changes the lives of many of its inhabitants. An absorbing and rewarding read!"

Robin Hathaway, author of
the Dr. Fenimore and Jo Banks series


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